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Nitinol Metal Powder – Property and Preparation

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How does the property of nitinol-metal powder work?

Nitinol powder This NiTi Alloy Powder is an alloy with a memory function special, Shape Memory Alloys. Shape Memory alloys can be used to completely remove deformations at lower temperatures, and then restore them after heating or heating. An alloy that retains its original form is called the one with “memory”.

Numerous successful cases have been made of the use of nitinol powder in the aerospace industry. An antenna for the artificial satellite may be constructed from memory alloy. The parabolic antenna must be folded into the satellite’s body prior to launching artificial satellites. The rocket will lift off and send the artificial satellite into orbit. It only requires heating. Due to the “memory function” of its satellite antenna, it naturally unfolds and is able to restore its parabolic shape.

Many fields, such as the aerospace and machinery industry, electronics, biomedicine, bridge building, automotive industry, daily life, and everyday life, use shape memory alloys because of their many outstanding properties.

Is there a way to prepare the nitinol-metal powder preparation method?

For the preparation of spherical, nitinol powder via PREP process: These raw materials are NiTi alloy bar.
These are the preparation steps to prepare spherical Nitinol metal powder via the PREP process: First, the raw materials need to be weighed and proportioned in accordance with the experimental design plan. Next, they will be placed into a ball milling tank made of cemented carbide for wet processing. It takes approximately 24 hours to ball mill. Once the ball milling has been completed, the pellets are vacuum dried. The drying temperature is 38 degrees C. and it takes 50 minutes to dry. Finally, the forming agent for the granulation is added. After the prepared powder has been mixed, it is placed into a one-column hydraulic press for compression-forming. It is then transferred to a low-pressure integrated furnace for dewaxing and sintering.
The PREP method was developed using NiTi alloy bar as the raw materials. It can be used for the preparation of spherical NiTiol metal powder. Most nitinol metallic powders consist of small, spherical particles. The martensite transformation temperatures decrease with decreasing particle sizes. PREP prepares spherical nickel metal powder. Its hardness, density degree, and bending strength have been greatly increased.

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