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Performance Characteristics And Applications of Silicon Nitride Ceramics

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Silicon nitride ceramics characteristics:

Silicon nitride

A synthetic superhard material, ceramics can be described as a composite. It is highly lubricating, hard, and especially hard at high temperatures. This ceramic material has exceptional wear resistance, high corrosion resistance, and high temperature resistance to oxidation.

Its thermal shock resistance is also an important characteristic, compared to other industrial ceramics. You heat it to over 1000°C, cool it quickly, then you can quickly heat the material without splitting. This is due to its high thermal shock resistance. It’s used often in the manufacture of high-temperature parts like bearings, seal rings for turbine blades, and welding molds.

Also, silicon nitride clays have great mechanical properties and are very workable. Its fracture toughness ranges from 600 to 800Mpa. The hardness is also lower than the diamond. Processing it uses a variety of processing technologies, such as diamond grinding wheels or grinding heads. to perform precision drilling, cutting and other tasks.

Applications of silicon nitride clays:

Si3N4 ceramic material is an exceptional high temperature engineering material and can offer many benefits in high temperature applications.

Si3N4 will continue to develop in the future.

Si3N4 ceramics are being used in automobile engines. This has opened up new opportunities for new high-temperature materials. Automotive is an industry that incorporates numerous technologies. China is an ancient civilisation with a long past. The history of ceramics has seen many remarkable achievements. China’s reforms and openness will lead to greater glory for ceramics research and development.

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silicon nitride

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