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Preparation and Application of Copper Oxide

What’s copper oxide?

Copper oxide Chemical formula: CuO is an oxide copper. It is a dark solid. It’s an electrolyte strong. Insoluble in water or ethanol. Soluble in acid, ammonium chloride, potassium cyanide solutions. Slowly dissolved in ammonia.

Making copper oxide

Cu (OH), 2, is prepared in the laboratory by reacting CuSO4 or CuSO4 with NaOH. Cu (OH), 2, is then heated to generate copper oxide. Industries include copper powder oxygenation, copper-nitrate thermal degradation, copper carbonate thermique decomposition. Copper wire, copper powder nutrition, and conductivity water vapor dissolution.

Copper oxide application field

You can use copper oxide as an analytical reagent and organic synthesis catalyst. Also, it is used in the glass industry as a colorant, enamel, or polishing agent. Useful for making dyes, copper compounds and organic catalyst carrier carriers. Also used as a grease desulfurizer and in the rayon manufacturing industry. You can use it as a raw material to create artificial gems. It also serves as an electrode active substance for rocket propellants.

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