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Preparation, characteristics and application of silicon powder

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Silicon Powder The micro-Silicon fume, sometimes called “Silicon smoke”, or simply known as SiO2, is produced by special trapping devices that capture and treat the smoke and dust that escape with gas waste during the industrial process of melting ferrosilicon and industrial silicon at high temperature. Silicon fume is a mixture of smoke and dust that contains SiO2. The particle sizes are small with an average of almost one nanometer. Silicon powder’s performance and usefulness
Finely processing silicon dioxide (SiO2) into powder, such as crushing, purifying and grinding it, is what you call quartz. It is very pure, has a white colour, and has a good distribution of particles. You can use it for many purposes, and has some unique properties.
1.Silicon powder performances
(1) Silicon powder provides good insulation. Because of its purity and low impurity levels, good electrical insulation performance and good performance, it is arc resistant and has excellent insulation.
(2) Silicon powder is able to reduce epoxy resin’s exothermic peak temperature, decrease the linear expansion coefficient of the cure product and shrinkage rate. It also helps prevent cracking.
(3) Silicon powder can resist corrosion. Silicon powder doesn’t react well with many acids and alkalis, and it isn’t easy to combine with other substances. They are uniformly distributed on the object’s surface and exhibit strong corrosion resistance.
(4) It’s possible to make silicon powder particles from silica. This will reduce or eliminate the possibility of precipitation and/or delamination. Increase flame retardant efficiency.
The silane coupling agents are able to wettably treat Silicon powder with different resins. They also have good adsorption properties, low adsorption, no agglomeration, and easy mixing.
(6) Silicon powder The filler is then added to the organic material. It improves both the performance and reduces costs.
Silicon powder preparation
Many methods can be used to prepare silicon powder from silicon blocks. There are many methods to prepare silicon powder using silicon blocks as raw materials. The Raymond method is one of the most effective and efficient. Equipment used include the Raymond method (also known by a roller mill), disc mill (also known to be a vertical or horizontal mill) and punching and turning method. These three types of milling refer to extrusion, while the last two use impact crushing. Each has its particular characteristics and offers its benefits and drawbacks.

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