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Preparation Method And Application Of Titanium Diboride

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What is Titanium diboride?

Titanium Diboride comes in grays or gray-blacks with hexagonal crystal structures. It is very hard and has a melting point of 2980. With an antioxidant temperature of 1000, titanium diboride can be used in HCI or HF acids. It is used primarily to make composite ceramics. Due to its corrosion resistance, titanium diboride can be used in making electrolytic cell electrode and melting metalcrucible.

Titanium diboride: Applications

1.Conductive ceramic material. It is the primary raw material of vacuum coating equipment.

2.Ceramic cutting instruments and molds. Our capabilities include the manufacture of finishing tools like drawing die and extrusions die as well as sealing elements.

3.composite Ceramic Materials. It’s an essential component in multi-component, composite materials. This allows you to combine TiC and TiN with SiC to create various functional parts as well as parts that are high temperature resistant. For example, high-temperature engine parts and crucibles. It’s also a great material for armour protection.

4.Cathodic materials to protect aluminum electrolytic cell. TiB2’s good wettability and metallic aluminum liquid make it a suitable cathode material for an aluminum electrolytic battery. It can also be used to prolong the cell’s life and reduce power consumption.

5.Made from PtC heating clay material and flexible PtC materials, which have the characteristics of safety and energy savings, as well as easy processing and moldability, are some of the many electric heating substances – an alternative to high-tech goods.

6, is a strong strengthening agent to A1, Fe, Cu, and other metals.

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