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Production Process of Scandium Oxide

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What’s Scandium Oxide powder?

Scandiumoxide has been a key product in the scandium industry. The physical and chemical characteristics of this product is very similar to that of rare earths oxides. Therefore, production techniques are quite similar. Sc2O3 may produce metal scandium and other scandium alloys under certain environmental conditions. Scandium oxide has many uses in aerospace, aluminum alloy, electric lighting source, laser, catalysator, activator and ceramics.

Scandium Resources in Nature

Scandium is found in approximately 800 different minerals. There are very few scandium minerals on their own, due to the fact that they are often part of a symbiotic relationship with other minerals. You can find many minerals that are scandium-deficient, including bauxite phosphorite and wolframite as well as vanadium-titanium magneticite, rare iron ore, rare earth ore and rare earth. The mine in which the majority of the scandium is found contains bauxite.

Scandium oxide powder production requires raw materials

Scandium oxide can be made using mainly waste liquids, soot and residue that contain scandium as well as concentrate from vanadium magnetite after it has been baptized.

1. The majority of the tungsten-extracted waste is contaminated with scandium. Scandium oxide 0.05%) can be found in the original ore of wolframite. Scandium oxide is 150-600g/t after the extraction. Pretreatment involves dissolving the waste in hydrochloric acids. The resulting ScCl3 solution then becomes the raw material to obtain scandium oxide.

2. A waste liquid containing scandium (mainly after the extraction of titanium form ilmenite) is considered to be a “scadium-containing” fluid. Scandium oxide 15-20g/m3 is the primary raw material to extract scandium dioxide from ilmenite.

3. Scandium-containing soot is mainly the soot that has been chlorinated to sponge titanium. Pretreatment of the soot results in acid-dissolved scandium liquid, which is used as raw material to extract scandium oxide.

4. Scandium concentrate, mainly from scandium magnetite beneficiation. Sc 27g/t of vanadium magnetite is present, while Sc 112-114g/t can be found in the beneficiated scandium concentrate. ScCl3 is obtained by dissolving the scandium concentrate in hydrochloric acids. It is used as raw material to extract scandium dioxide.

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