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Category «Hydride Powder»

Hydride powder refers to the compound powders of hydrogen and metals or other element. A hydride is a binary compound formed by hydrogen with other elements. However, in general scientific and technical work, the binary compound of hydrogen and metal is always called hydride, and the binary compound of hydrogen and nonmetal is called hydrogen.
Applications of Hydride Powder:
Hydride powder are widely used in many fields. For example, Calcium Hydride CaH2 is used as reducing agent, desiccant, chemical analysis reagent, etc. Zirconium Hydride ZrH2 is used industrially for fireworks, flux and ignition agents. It is also used as a descaling agent in nuclear reactors, in vacuum tubes, getters are also used in metal-ceramic seals, strong reducing agent, foaming agent, cemented carbide additive and powder metallurgy. Titanium Hydride TiH2 Powder can be widely used in the fields of fireworks, aerospace, medicine, petroleum, petrochemicals, pure alkali, chemical fertilizer, metallurgy, navigation, nuclear power etc.

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Payment Term:
T/T, Paypal, Western Union, Credit Card etc.
Shipment Term:
By express, by air, by express, as customers request.
Storage conditions:
1) Store in a dry environment at room temperature.
2) Avoid damp and high temperature.
3) Use immediately after opening the inner packing bag.

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