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Category «MAX Phase»

The MAX phase is a new type of ternary layered compound, which is composed of three elements, M, A and X, and its general chemical formula is MN+1AXN, (wherein, M: pre-transition metal, A: Group A element, X: Carbon or nitrogen, N=1, 2, 3…), both metal materials (excellent electrical and thermal conductivity, machinability, thermal shock resistance, etc.) and ceramic materials (high modulus, high temperature resistance, oxidation resistance) , corrosion resistance, etc.) excellent performance.

Applications of MAX Phase

MAX phase materials have properties such as self-lubricating, high toughness, and electrical conductivity. Such materials can be widely used as high-temperature structural materials, electrode brush materials, chemical anti-corrosion materials and high-temperature heating materials.
Lemondedudroit material supplier supply high quality and superfine MAX phase powder, such as Cr2AlC, Ti3AlC2, Ti3AlCN, Ti2AlC, Ti2AlN, Ti3SiC2, Ta2AlC, V2AlC, Ti2SnC, Nb2AlC, etc. Our Company also can supply Mxene powder, such as Ti3C2, Mo2C, Ti3CN, Mo2TiC, Ti2C, Nb2C, V2C, Nb4C3, V4C3, etc. Send us an email or click on the needed products to send an inquiry.

Payment Term:

Alipay, T/T, Paypal, Western Union, Credit Card etc.

Shipment Term:

By international express, by courier, by air, by sea, or as customers request.

Storage conditions:

1) Should be avoid damp and high temperature.

2) Use immediately after opening the inner package bag.

3) Should be store in a dry environment at room temperature.

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Aluminum silicide also goes by the name aluminum disilicide. Its chemical formula is AlSi2. AlSi2 is also used in powder metallurgy and as brazing solder. Purity: 99% Particle Size: 5-10um Aluminum Silicide AlSi2 Pulver: Alloys of aluminum and silicon Aluminium-silicon alloy is an alloy made by forging or casting aluminum with silicon as its major …

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Nickel silicide, which is chemically Ni2Si. Nickel silicide Ni2Si Ni2Si Powder is used in microelectronics integrated circuits, nickel Silicide Films, and silicon-nickel thermocouples. Purity: 99% Particle Size: 5-10um Nickel Silicide Ni2Si Pulp : Nickel Silicide Molecular weight of 145.51, melting temperature 1309 Deg C, relative density 7.217. Nickel Silicide Powder Rapidly dissolved in hydrofluoric Acid, …

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Also known as HfSi2, hafnium diilicide or hafnium silicide, its chemical formula is: HfSi2. High-temperature oxidation resistant coatings (cermets) and high temperature structural materials can use HfSi2 as a powder. Purity: 99% Particle Size: 5-10um Hafnium Silicide HFSi2 Powder: Hafnium silicide It is a transition metal silicide. A hafnium-silicide’s unique physical and chemical characteristics have …

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Also known by the chemical name NbSi2, niobium diilicide or niobium sulicide, nitroium silicide can also be called a niobium-based turbine component. For high-temperature structures, niobium-based turbine components and other applications, NbSi2 is used as a powder. Purity: 99% Particle Size: 5-10um Niobium Silicide NbSi2 Puffer : Niobium Silicide NbSi2 has a gray hexagonal crystal …

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It is also called titanium disilicide. The chemical formula for its powder TiSi2 silicide. A chemical substance with a molecularweight of 116.1333, titanium silicide can be described as a chemical compound. Purity: 99% Particle Size: 5-10um The Titanium Silicide TiSi2 Pulver: Large integrated circuits are rapidly developing (ULSI). As a result, equipment sizes and requirements …

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Molybdenum Silicide also called molybdenum diilicide. Its chemical formula is MoSi2, and it is electrically conductive. This material is high-temperature with exceptional performance. Purity: 99% Particle size 5-10um Molybdenum Siicide MoSi2 MoPowder: MoSi2 An intermetallic compound. silicide molybdenum This is a refractory clay, which is mostly used to heat elements. It is medium in density …