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Category «Surfactant»

Any substance that dissolves in water and can significantly reduce the surface energy of water is called a surface active agent (surface active agent, SAA) or surface active substance. Surfactants reduce the surface tension of water by adsorbing at the gas-liquid two-phase interface, and can also reduce the oil-water interfacial tension by adsorbing between the liquid interfaces. Many surfactants can also aggregate in bulk solution as aggregates.

Uses of Surfactant

Surfactants have become a flexible and diverse class due to their physical and chemical effects such as wetting or anti-sticking, emulsification or demulsification, foaming or defoaming, solubilization, dispersion, washing, anti-corrosion, anti-static and corresponding practical applications. , A wide range of fine chemical products. In addition to being used as detergents in daily life, other applications of surfactants can cover almost all fine chemical fields.Surfactants are used as performance additives in many industry formulations, such as personal and home care, and countless industrial applications: metal processing, industrial cleaning, oil extraction, pesticides, etc.
Lemondedudroit material supplier can provide amphoteric surfactants, anionic surfactants, cationic surfactants, nonionic surfactants, etc.

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Storage conditions:

1) Should be avoid damp and high temperature.

2) Use immediately after opening the inner package bag.

3) Should be store in a dry environment at room temperature.

High Purity Antimony Telluride Powder Sb2Te3 Cas 1327-50-0, 99.99% |

Antimony telluride has the chemical formula Sb2Te3 and is a topological insulater. Particle Size: -80mesh and -100mesh Purity: 99.99% Antimony Telluride Sb2Te3 sanduride Antimony telluride chemical form Sb2TE3.Molecular Weight 626.30. Gray solid.Melting Point 639.Relative Density 6.5018. In nitric acids, dissolve. Antimony Telluride, also known as a covalent or ionic bonds, can be dissolved in nitric …

High Purity Germanium Telluride GeTe Powder CAS 12025-39-7,99.99%| Lemondedudroit

Germanium Telluride’s chemical formula is GeTe with a molecularweight of 200.24. It is important as a semiconductor material of the group II-VI. Purity: 99.99% Particle Size: -100 Mesh About Germanium Telluride GeTe Powder : Germanium Telluride (GeTe)(a combination of germanium and informurium), is a component in chalcogenide glas. It is semimetallic in conductivity, and has …

High Purity Cadmium Telluride Powder CdTe Cas 1306-25-8, 99.99% |

Cadmium Telluride’s chemical formula is CdTe with a molecularweight of 240.00. It is important as a semiconductor material of the group II-VI. Particle Size: -80mesh and -100mesh Purity: 99.99% Cadmium Telluride powder CdTe Powder: Cadmium telluride’s chemical formula is CdTe. The molecular weight of the drug is 240.00. Its melting point is 1041. When the …

High Purity Cuprous Telluride Powder Cu2Te Cas 12019-52-2,99.99% |

Cuprous Telluride is a molecular formula Cu2Te that’s often used to make elemental tellurium. Particle Size: -80mesh and -100mesh Purity: 99.99% About Cuprous Telluride cu2Te powder Cuprous Telluride (an inorganic compound that has the chemical formula Cu2Te) is a blue/black octahedral crystalline. The relative density is 7.27. The melting point for this product is approximately …

High Purity Zinc Telluride Powder ZnTe Cas 1315-11-3, 99.99% |

Zinc Telluride belongs to the Group II-VI group and has chemical formula ZnTe. Due to its broad bandgap zinc telluride can be used in semiconductor manufacturing. Particle Size: -80mesh and -100mesh Purity: 99.99% Zinc Telluride Zinc Telluride Zinc Telluride belongs to the Group II-VI group and has the chemical composition ZnTe. Under hydrogen atmospheric conditions, …

High Purity Bismuth Telluride Powder Bi2Te3 Cas 1304-82-1,99.99% |

Bismuth Telluride is a grayish powder having the molecular form Bi2Te3. Bismuth telluride can be used as a semiconductor material, with high electrical conductivity and low thermal conductivity. Particle Size: -80mesh and -100mesh Purity: 99.99% Bismuth Telluride powder Bi2Te3 Powder : Bismuth Telluride is a grayish powder having the molecular structure Bi2Te3. Bismuth informuride is …