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Promising Titanium Nitride

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What is Titanium Nitride?

The chemical formula for TiN is titanium nitride. This synthetic ceramic material is nearly as hard than diamond. This coating is used on aluminum, titanium alloys, and steel to improve their surface properties. The thin layer of titanium nitride serves as a protective coating that hardens and protects cutting and sliding surfaces.

Titanium Nitride properties

At room temperature, titanium nitrous dioxide is stable chemically. However, hot concentrated acid can cause it to be destroyed and then oxidized at 800. This oxide has an infrared reflection characteristic, which makes it yellowish. The relative friction coefficient of titanium Nitride varies according to the finish of various substrate materials.

Titanium Nitride is used

A titanium nitride coat is commonly used on metal edges in order to preserve the mechanical corrosion resistance. Because of its metallic luster it is often used as clothing or car decoration in the outer coating. The coating can also be used in military and aerospace aspects as well as protection for bicycle suspension surfaces and remote-controlled toy cars suspension shafts. The FDA approved material is safe and non-toxic. It can be used for medical purposes, including maintaining the sharp edges of orthopedic bone saws and scalpel blades.

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