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Properties and Application Fields of Silicon Carbide

Silicon carbide (SiC), which is made from quartz, petroleum coke and wood chips by high temperature smelting within a resistance oven, is also called quartz sand. While silicon carbide can also be found naturally, it is extremely rare. Moissanite contains silicon carbide as its main ingredient. This non-oxide, high tech refractory material is more widely utilized than any other.
Abrasive silicon carbide, with its high chemical stability and good abrasion resistance is also used in many other ways. The unique application of silicon carbide powder onto a turbine wheel, cylinder block or other device is an example. You can make the inner wall stronger and prolong its useful life. Use high-grade refractory to reduce heat and shock. It has small dimensions, is lightweight, can withstand high temperatures, and has an energy-saving feature. Silicon carbide low grade (around 85% SiC), can be an excellent antioxidant. This may be used in order to increase the speed and chemical composition of the steel and also to manage and improve its quality. Additionally, silicon carbide electric heating elements can be extensively used for producing silicon carbide.
Silicon carbide products come in many types, each with its own characteristics. This is mainly used for more mechanical applications. You can divide the silicon carbide sealing rings into the static, ring or flat rings. Also, we can make silicon-carbide products in various forms according to customers’ needs. For example, parts made of silicon carbide such as flat rings or plates and silicon carbide rings.
Silicon carbide Ceramics offer high hardness as well as high resistance to corrosion and high heat strength. They are widely utilized.
This sealing ring is made from silicon carbide ceramics. It has excellent chemical resistance, strength, high toughness, wear resistance, low friction coefficient and high temperatures. Because it has a lower friction coefficient than alumina ceramics and other hard alloys combined, it can be used even in very high PV values.
Four main areas that silicon carbide can be used are functional ceramics as well advanced refractories.
1. Industries that use abrasives
Silicon carbide is a common material used in the production wheel and sandpaper industries.
2. The high refractories area
Silicon carbide exhibits excellent corrosion resistance at high temperatures and good thermal conductivity. For indirect heating, high-temperature nonferrous metal smelting industrial, silicon carbide material could be used. Also, silicon carbide makes a good material for aircraft runway solar water heaters.
3. Industries chemical
Silicon carbide has the ability to be used as deoxidizer. Also, modifications’ steel cast-iron structure can be used for silicon tetrachloride. It is the raw material that feeds the silicon industry. SiC can be used as a substitute for carbon and silicon deoxidation. SiC has a better deoxidizer active peroxidizer chemical, with fewer deoxidation steps, saves energy and integrates steel-making. This will improve steel production efficiency, the quality of steel and lower the amount of raw materials consumed, environmental pollution and working conditions.
4. The field for the non-ferrous and smelting of iron
Silicon carbide offers high resistance to impact, heat conductivity, high temperature and high strength.
5. Steel
Service life can be extended by the use of silicon carbide corrosion resistance. It also resists thermal shock, abrasion and is suitable for large blast furnace lines.
6. Refinement of the metalurgical process
Because of its hardness silicon carbide surpasses diamond in strength, it is an ideal material to use for wear-resistant pipes, impellers and pump chambers. It has 5-20 times the wear resistance than rubber or cast iron, making it an aviation runway material.
7. Building Materials Industry Pottery Wheel
Silicon carbide is a high-temperature conductor and heat radiation material, used in the manufacture of kiln furniture, which can reduce capacity, loading capacities and improve quality. Also, the manufacturing cycle will be reduced by adding ceramic glaze to the fritting indirect product.
8. Jewelry
Synthetic Moissanite is sometimes also known as synthetic Silicon Carbide. It has the same diamond adamantine sparkle, “fire color”, stronger and closer than real imitations.

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