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Properties and Applications of Calcium Hexaboride

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Calcium Hexaboride: Properties

Calcium Hexaboride a black-gray, powder having a melting point at 2230degC. The relative density is 2.3g /cm. It can be dissolved in water when heated to room temperature 15 degrees Celsius. The melting point is 2200degC. Its grinding efficiency is greater than that of silicon carbide. It is extremely strong and durable, particularly under heat shock. It’s stable even at elevated temperatures, is insoluble with hydrochloric and hydrofluoric acids, and does not react to water.

Calcium Hexaboride – Applications

1.Calcium borid is used to produce boron-alloy steel and oxygen free copper. The latter is more conductive than conventional phosphorous-deoxidized copper due to the low solubility of boron in copper. CaB6 has many uses, including surface protection, tool use, and wear resistance.

2.CaB6’s conductivity is high and it has a low power function. It can therefore be used for hot cathode materials. CaCaB6 can oxidize at high temperatures. Its performance is reduced and its service life is shorter.

3.CaB6 also has the potential to be used in Type N thermoelectric material because it is a candidate. Its power factor is comparable to that of PbTe3 or Bi2Te3 thermoelectric materials.

4.CaB6 also acts as an antioxidant for carbon-bonded refractories.

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