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Properties and Uses of Boron Carbide

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What is boron caride?

Boron carbide also known as black-diamond, an organic substance that has a molecular formula B4C. It is usually granular in fine powder form and typically gray-black. It is among the three most hard materials (the others being diamond and cubic boron nutride). It can be used to make bulletproof vests, armor for tanks and other industrial products. Its Mohs Hardness is 9.3.

Boron carbide absorbs a lot of neutrons but does not make radioisotopes. It is therefore a great neutron absorber in nuclear power stations. These neutron absorbers control nuclear fission’s rate. Boron carbonide is usually made in a rod-like shape for the nuclear reactor fields, though it can also be made into powder by increasing its surface area.

Due to its low density, strength, high stability, and high chemical stability, It’s often used for wear-resistant materials, ceramic reinforcing phase, lightweight armor and reactor neutron absorbers. It is also easier to produce than diamond or cubic boron nutride, making it more widespread. You can use it to replace costly diamonds in certain areas.

Boron carbide powder is used:

(1) The area of national defense. Bulletproof has been a function of ceramics made with Boron carbide since the 1960s. Boron carbide ceramics are lightweight and durable, which makes them more versatile than many other materials. It’s a major component of the light armor on armed helicopters, as well the aircraft bulletproof armor. It was used as a raw material by the British in order to produce armor that is resistant to armor-piercing bullets.

(2) Referring to chemical raw materials. To increase wear resistance and strength in alloy materials, boron carbonide is used. This can be used as an alloy boronizing agent.

(3) Wear-resistant field. Numerous industrial nozzles have the boron-carbide ceramic shadow. Because they can withstand extreme temperatures and are highly cost-effective, factories often choose them as their first choice. . This is why it’s often used to research chemical analysis processes. Boron carbide, which can be used as a replacement for diamond abrasives to reduce the cost of processing hard metals such as jade and other precious metals, is also a great option.

(4) Nuclear energy. Due to its high neutron absorption ability, boron carbonide is frequently used in neutron absorb material control rods, safety rings, and other components. This allows for control of the rate of nuclear fission, and helps protect our bodies.

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