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Propylene glycol phenyl ether CAS 770-35-4| Lemondedudroit

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PPH is one the most potent film-forming agents. Eastman Chemical Company has another product called the T.

Propylene glycol and phenylether

The latex system can also be enriched with PPH. It is easily distributed in the aqueous and polymeric phases. PPH is a poor film-forming agent due to its low distribution coefficient. The result is good plasticizing properties, balanced volatilization and balanced rates. PPH doesn’t have strong odor. Also, it is inert. Most latex resins exhibit excellent dissolution properties. Latex is extremely water solubilized. Latex paint is able to be fully absorbed into the particles by this low water solubility. Also, ensure that latex paint has been stored properly to maximize coalescence performance.

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Propylene Gly Phenylether has a high product performance

Also known as propylene-phenylether, the inert solvent Propylene-phenylether comes from the combination of moleofpropylene dioxyde and phenol. It can also be used to modify or produce organic solvents with high boiling points. It can replace DBE, DBE, or isophorones’ toxic odor.

Technical Parameters

Products Name Shortname Odor Appearance
Propylene glycol phenyl ether N/A Moderate colorless clear liquid


Propylene glycol phenyl ether


Also known as propylene gly-phenylether, the inert solvent propylene phenylether results from the reaction between phenol (a moleofpropylene dioxyde), and propylene. It can also be used to substitute for toxic odors, such as DBE or DBE.

This is used in both film-forming and as cosolvent in stabilized formulations for metalworking oils. You can use this to increase the repellency of hard-surface cleaners. This is a popular choice for automotive repair and maintenance coatings because of its high miscibility, moderate volatility, excellent cohesion.

Shipping and Packaging for Propylene Phenyl Phenyl Ether

You can use propylene-phenyl alcoholether to package many types of goods.

Package of propylene glycol/phenylether

1kg/bottle; 25kg/barrel and 200kg/barrel

Propylene glycol Phenyl Ether ships

Once payment has been received, the item can be shipped by air or sea.

Propylene ether phenyl alcohol Properties

Other Titles Phenoxypropanol
Combination Formula C9H12O2
Motility 152.19
Appearance Colorless clear liquid
Melting Point N/A
Boiling Point N/A
Density N/A
Solubility HTML2O N/A
Exact N/A

Health & Safety Information

Hazard Statements N/A
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Risk Codes N/A
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