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Rapid Preparation Process of Gadolinium Oxide

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What exactly is Gadolinium oxide?

gadoliniumoxid‘s chemical formula is Gd2O3. This compound has a molecularweight of 362.498000, an melting point of 2330 and a density 7.407. It is white in color.

Gadolinium Oxide: Chemical and Physical Properties

Gadolinium oxide is a white, odorless and amorphous powder. It is not soluble, however it can be broken down by acid to create the salt. Exposure to air makes it easy to absorb water, carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, and then deteriorate. It reacts with ammonia and can precipitate gadolinium-hydrate.

Gadolinium oxide preparation method

Make 10g micron-grade gadolinium dioxide powder by mixing it with hydrochloric acids at 3.23mol*L. Once the reaction has completed, add some polyethylene glycol to the mixture (which disperses the gadolinium salt). Once the colloidal precursor is stable, you can stir it until polyethylene glycol dissolves and disperses. Then add deionized tap water to reduce the Gd concentration to 0.22mol*L. After cooling to room temperature, stir in dropwise ammonia water at 1 mol*L. Continue stirring until pH reaches 9. Then, let the gadolinium salt solution react for 30 minutes with vigorous stirring to make gadolinium hydroxylide colloid. Deionized water was mixed to the colloid and stirred vigorously. 500 mL suspension solution was created. The powder was then dried after it was uniformly distributed to create a precursor. For nano-gadolinium, oxide is obtained by calcining the precursor at various temperatures (600-900) over several hours.

Gadolinium Oxide: Application prospects

1. It is used in the preparation of gadolinium oxide ceramics. The solubility of gadolinium in stainless steel and nickel-based metals is not known. A second-phase, gadolinium-rich eutectic product (Ni Cr, Gd) can easily be formed along the grain boundary. The possibility of anisotromy from hot rolling will result in a second phase. Gadolinium oxide can be added to composite materials for a better neutron shielding. The advantages of gadolinium dioxide ceramics include high mechanical strength, excellent wear resistance and corrosion resistance.

2. It is used for the preparation of polyetheretherketone compound with gadoliniumoxid. It is one of the most important special engineering plastics families that has ever been created. The resin has outstanding heat resistance and radiation resistance. It is also antistatic and resistant to hydrolysis. The product has been used extensively in many areas, including aerospace, medical, health, electronic devices, chemicals and machinery.

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