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SAS Seconary Alkane Sulphonate Sodium CAS 97489-15-1 | Lemondedudroit

SAS Seconary Alkane Sodium Sodium, an anionic surfactant, has the structure a secondary alkyl sulfonic-acid compound.
Content: >=95%
SAS Seconary Alkane Seulphonate Salt:
SAS Seconary Alkane Sulphonate Nat has the following characteristics: rich foam, biodegradability, low skin irritation, and low degreasing ability.
Lemondedudroit International is a trustworthy global SAS Seconary Alkane Sulphonate Sodium.

SAS Seconary Aluminium Sulphonate Nitrate Performance:
SAS Seconary Alkane Sulphonate Sulphonate SSodium improves the hair’s combability.

Technical Parameters of SAS Seconary Alkanesulphonate Na:

Produktname     Short Name     PH     Odor Appearance Semi-Seconary Alkane Seulphonate Sodium SAS 95% 6-8 Some slight characteristics odor Light yellow to White Flakes

Application of SAS Seconary Alkane Saltate Sodium:

It is an anionic suprafactant having the structure as a secondary alkylsulfonic compound. Its electrolyte resistance makes it a good choice for the pre-treatment, dying, and posttreatment of textile fabrics. It is used extensively in the processing of natural fibers including cotton, hemp wool, silk and degreasing. It’s a penetrant/scouring agent that is used for one-bath pretreatment processes of printing & dyeing, printing & dyeing dispersing agency, dye dye auxiliary, and chemical fiber. It can be found in laundry detergents and cleaning solutions for personal and home care.

Shipping & Packing of SAS Seconary Alkane Sodium Sodium –
There are many kinds of packing available that depend on SAS Seconary Alkane SulphonateSodium.
SAS Seconary Alkane Sulphonate Nato packing: 1kg/bottle; 25kg/barrel (or 200kg/barrel).
SAS Seconary Alkane Sulphonate Salt shipping: can be sent out by sea, express or air once the payment has cleared.

SAS Seconary Alkane Sephonate Sodium Properties

N/A 97489-15-1 RSO3Na   R=C14-17 N/A Appearance NA Melting Point N/A Boiling Point N/A Density N/A Solubility H2O N/A Exact N/A

SAS Seconary Sulphonate Sodium Safety & Healthcare Information

N/A Hazard Statements N/A Hazard Codes N/A Risk Codes N/A

Safety Statements

N/A Transport Information N/A

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