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Selenium Monobromide Formula

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Selenium monobromide is an inorganic compound with the formula Se2Br2. This article will discuss the properties of this compound, and will analyze the spectroscopic and transition properties. It will also be investigated whether this compound can be laser cooled. Finally, it will be studied the phenomenon of avoided crossing in the O states of the molecule.

Selenium monobromide is water soluble and a readily available Selenium source for uses compatible with bromides and lower (acidic) pH. It is also available in ultra high purity for crystal growth applications. To view the chemical structure of this compound click on the visualization screen and rotate it as desired. Various options for viewing the atoms, bonds, connectivity and coordinates are available as well. Mouse wheel zoom is also available to change the size of the molecule. The information can be exported as an image file. A modification of the BH4-/acid reaction has been used for generation of selenite, arsine, tellurium, germane, and stannane hydrides.45,45 The proposed mechanism is consistent with the nascent hydrogen mechanism and assumes that an alkaline sample solution containing tetrahydroborate reduces an acidic analyte to hydride.