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Selenium Powder

Selenium powder is a mineral used in various industries. The primary commercial uses are glassmaking and semiconductors. In addition to these, selenium is a part of several antioxidant enzymes.

For example, the red color of selenium and its compounds cancels out iron impurities in glass. Se compounds are also used as an additive to plastics.

Several other applications include its use in photocells, which are the cells in a camera that transmit an electric current depending on the amount of light falling on their surface. These photocells are used in photocopying and electronic devices.

Some of the most common sources of selenium are fish, seafood, and Brazil nuts. However, the quantity of selenium in these foods varies from region to region.

The most significant risk of selenium toxicity occurs when large amounts of the compound are consumed. High doses can be toxic, and may cause health problems such as heart attack, kidney failure, and respiratory distress.

Selenium is often used in pharmaceuticals and nutritional supplements. It is included in multi-vitamins and supplements to provide antioxidant support. Taking selenium can also enhance immune function, help prevent hair loss, and improve nail health.

Selenium is essential for horses. It is an essential component of the thyroid gland. Horses require 12 hours of grazing per day to receive the nutrients they need. When horses are fed a diet high in selenium, they can be less prone to disease and illness.

Selenium is considered to be safe when taken in small amounts. However, it is dangerous when it is ingested or inhaled.

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