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Silicon Carbide Nano Powder

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silicon carbide nano powder is a grey white solid with high purity. It is used in the production of various ceramic materials, including high frequency ceramics, ceramic bearings and textile ceramics. It is also used for the production of rubber tires and other mechanical products that must withstand high temperatures, such as spray nozzles.

Nano SIC is a tough element with exceptional strength and ductility. It is capable of being incorporated into composites with metals such as magnesium to create lightweight, high-strength materials, with superior abrasion resistance and heat resistance. Testing (by thermomechanical analysis, microstructural characterization, X-Ray diffraction and Vickers microhardness) showed that a mixture of microscale and nanoscale SiC reinforcement particles provided the best strength and ductility, with a combination of both providing the highest overall microhardness.

It is a semiconductor and is impervious to oxidation at high temperatures. It is also extremely chemically inert and can be fabricated with very high purity. Moreover, it has a low thermal expansion coefficient and is dimensionally stable under extreme temperature changes. It can be doped n-type with phosphorous or nitrogen, and p-type with gallium, aluminum or boron.

Additionally, it can be incorporated into coatings for various environments due to its ability to resist UV radiation and other chemicals that may damage the surface. This is due to the fact that it can sublimate at a very high temperature, skipping the liquid phase and directly turning into a vapor. This is only one of many remarkable properties that make silicon carbide such a versatile material for a wide range of applications, with more being discovered by researchers every day.