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Silicon Carbide Used in Electric Automotive

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Silicon Carbide Properties
Silicon carbide (SiC is a composite semiconductor material consisting of carbon and silicon. This material has characteristics that have wide band gap and gallium nitride, (GaN). It is also known as the “third generation” semiconductor material.
SiC features a wide bandgap, making it high in terms of breakdown field strength and other characteristics. SiC power device have several benefits due to the SiC material characteristics, such as high voltage resistance, small sizes, low power usage, and resistance to high temperatures, among others.

Silicon Carbide for Electric Automotive

SiC can be used to invert electric motors in cars. SiC has three main areas for use in new vehicles: electric drive inverter (OBC), DC/DC converter and onboard chargers (OBC). Inverter will also be the biggest application field.
SiC devices are used in electric drive systems to decrease the weight, cost and size of electronic components and power density. When it is applied to DC/DC system or vehicle charger, it reduces switch loss, increases limit operating temperature, and enhances system efficiency. SiC can also used for charging new electric vehicles. It will reduce their charging pile size and accelerate the charging process.
SiC-inverter technology can make electric vehicles more energy efficient. SiC technology in an electric drive inverter has two advantages. On the one side, it reduces loss and increases efficiency. And on the second, it reduces overall cost. Reduce the weight and volume of the inverter. SiC can be used to reduce its chip area and working frequency. It is also able to save the peripheral passive parts. SiC module volume will not exceed that of IGBT. SiC offers good heat dissipation.
SiC power electronics are increasingly being included in new vehicle models. Tesla adopted the full SiC power device in its Model 3 main Inverter. More and more manufactures are now releasing SiC models, including BYD (NIO), Xpeng, Mercedes, and others. SiC technology allows these cars to use smaller inverters with higher efficiency. It also provides higher charging speeds and durability.

Silicon Carbide Powder Price

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