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Silicon nitride ceramics is a material with great application potential

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Inorganic ceramic silicon nitride ceramic does not shrink in sintering. Silicon nitride ceramic is extremely strong. It is especially hardened by hot-pressed silicone nitride. You will find it has high strength, low densities, resistance to high temperature and many other characteristics.
The covalent bond material Si3N4 ceramic can be described as a type of si3N4. Basic structural unit is the [SiN4] trihedron. You will find the silicon atom in the centre of the tetrahedron. The silicon atom is flanked by four other nitrogen atoms. The four vertices of a tetrahedron contain these atoms. They share the shape of an atom. The Tetrahedrons form a network structure that is continuous in three-dimensional space.

Example of Si3N4 ceramics being used in structural materials

Si3N4 is light and strong enough to make ball bearings. The nozzle has greater precision than those made of metal, produces less heat and is able to operate in more extreme temperatures. Si3N4 ceramics steam nozzles are heat resistant and can withstand wear for up to a month. In contrast, other alloy steel nozzles that resist heat or corrosion will only last for about 1-2 months. The lightweight and strong rigidity of Si3N4 allows it to be used in the manufacture of ball bearings. The nozzle has greater precision than those made of metal, produces less heat and is able to operate at high temperatures. Si3N4 ceramics steam nozzles show wear resistance and heat resistance. They can be kept in the 650 boiler for only a few months and will not sustain any damage.

Si3N4 ceramic materials offer many application possibilities

Si3N4 ceramics are more common because of the improvements made in Si3N4 manufacturing, molding and sintering technology. Si3N4 ceramics offer superior comprehensive properties, abundant resources, and the unique characteristics of wear resistance. You can use it in any environment that metal or polymer material is not suitable for.
Si3N4 ceramics make up a significant part of the high temperature structural ceramics family. Their mechanical and thermal properties are superior to those of other high-temperature ceramics such carbide and oxide, as well as their chemical stability. It has the highest application potential.

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