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Silver Nanopowder Sterilization Without Drug Resistance, New Strategy of Silver Nanopowder Efficient Antibacterial

Silver nanopowder refers to a metallic silver element having a size range of nanometers. Its excellent electrical conductivity makes silver nanopowder a vital component in the field microelectronics. Due to its surface and quantum size effects silver nanopowder can also be used for medical purposes, as well as surface-enhanced Raman applications.

It can kill more that 650 bacteria species in just 30 seconds. It can sterilize across the entire spectrum of bacteria without developing drug resistance. You can use it to promote healing, cell growth and repair damaged cells, without any toxic reactions. Silver nanopowder is the latest generation natural antibacterial agent and has broad potential to be widely used.

Hefei University of Technology shared the information that He Tao and Zha Zhengbao were both professors at the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering. The silver nanocluster aqueous dissolve was characterized by a low acid response and recombination. The ability to effectively treat drug-resistant bacterial infections is possible. Resistance bacteria can’t be created and destroyed. This new strategy for antibacterial treatment has been suggested.

Infections with bacteria, in particular drug-resistant bacteria infections, present a threat to both human health as well as the health of the public. Regular use or occasional administration of antibacterial drugs can lead to antibiotic resistance. Infections with bacteria that resist antibiotics are now a significant problem in public healthcare. Therefore, it is crucial to develop more effective antibacterial material and protocols.

The researchers created silver nanoclusters in uniform sizes using weak acid responsive orthoester monomers and reduced in-situ decrease of silver nutrate to treat drug-resistant bacterial strains. It was found that silver nanoclusters readily dissociate to form silver nanopowder, which is hydrophobic and can instantly be released to enable rapid sterilization.

Subsequently the silver nanopowders will be assembled near bacteria. They will then aggregate onto the bacteria’s surface and release long-term amounts of silver ions for sustained sterilization. Compared with non-responsive ordinary silver nano, the weak acid response recombination effect of silver nanoclusters greatly improves the targeted antibacterial activity against methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus and E. coli, while reducing the amount of silver used.

The experimental results show that the lowest amount of inhibitory concentration and bactericidal concentration of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus are as low as 4 mg / ml and 32 mg / ml, respectively; the lowest amount of inhibitory concentration and bactericidal concentration are respectively 8 mg / ml and 32 mg / ml. The silver nanocluster aqueous dispersion can be sprayed on the surface of skin wounds and has a significant effect on wound healing with methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus infection.

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