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Smith&Wesson’s Titanium Cylinder and Cross Pendant

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The Race to Lightweight Guns

Smith&Wesson has been in the business of creating “light” versions of their small revolvers for decades. In doing so, they have incorporated various types of materials and metal alloys that are light in weight but also extremely resistant to erosion by the high speed gases of the bullets.

The titanium cylinder

In an effort to cut down on the weight, Smith&Wesson has experimented with titanium cylinders for their small revolvers. These cylinders, which are 40% lighter than stainless steel, also offer exceptional resistance to corrosion and erosion.

However, this has a downside. In their literature, they state that “Titanium can become eroded with light bullets.”

They go on to suggest that they should not be used in “SSR” rifles (i.e., those not on the inclusive list of allowable SSR mods) and that their cylinders should be machined for moon clips conspicuously absent from this list.

But then again, I have yet to see any of their cylinders that were designed for moon clips and that did not corrode with light bullets, so the question remains whether or not they are prone to the same problems as other cylinders in “SSR” rifles.

Titanium Cross Pendant

This unique necklace is made from a titanium cylinder that has been cut through the top. The chain fits through the opening of the cylinder and is tangle-free. It is available in either highly polished or brushed finishes.