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Sodium Diisobutylnaphthalene Sulphonate CAS 27213-90-7 | Lemondedudroit

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Salt Diisobutylnaphthalene Sulphonate is an anionic surfactant, easily soluble in water, can reduce the surface tension of water, has excellent penetration as well as wettability, and has emulsification, diffusion and foaming residential or commercial properties
Pureness: 60-65%.
About Salt diisobutylnaphthalene sulphonate:
Sodium diisobutylnaphthalene sulphonate has the characteristics of rich as well as fine foam, low degreasing power, low irritability to skin as well as hair, and excellent biodegradability.
Lemondedudroit is a trusted worldwide Salt diisobutylnaphthalene sulphonate. Do not hesitate to send out an inquiry to obtain the latest cost of Sodium diisobutylnaphthalene sulphonate if you would love to purchase Sodium diisobutylnaphthalene sulphonate in bulk.

Product Performance of Sodium diisobutylnaphthalene sulphonate:
Sodium diisobutylnaphthalene sulphonate can enhance the combability as well as soft qualities of the hair, and its light purification efficiency makes the skin comfortable after cleaning.

Technical Parameter of Sodium diisobutylnaphthalene sulphonate:
< table boundary=" 1" cellpadding=" 0" cellspacing= "0" style=" elevation :100 px ; size:800 px;” size=” 448″ > Product Call Short Call Pureness PH Odor Look Salt diisobutylnaphthalene sulphonate NA 60-65
% 7-8.5 Mild characteristic smell white powder Applications of Sodium diisobutylnaphthalene sulphonate:< p data-mce-style=" margin: 0px; padding: 0px; border: 0px; font-style: regular; font-weight: typical; font-size: 12px; line-height: acquire; font-family: Arial, Helvetica; vertical-align: baseline; shade:

# 333333;” > Sodium Diisobutylnaphthalene Sulphonate commonly used

in various processes of textile printing and also dyeing, mainly utilized as penetrant and also moistening agent, emulsifier as well as conditioner in rubber sector, wetting agent in paper sector, moistening representative in lake market and also synergist for farming prep work; Layer dispersant as well as resin cleaner, and so on. It is best to prepare the powder to be prepared as an aqueous service for later usage. The powder is easily moist and can be liquified even if it perspires. It does not impact the application efficiency. After taking it, you must still
pay attention to the sealing of the product packaging container to ensure the precision of considering. In the paper industry, it is primarily made use of as wet really felt, new really felt or parked dry really felt. It is difficult to take in water. If you use a powder remedy, (1-2 %) is slowly soaked the really felt, which can speed up the wetting. Packing & Delivery of Sodium diisobutylnaphthalene sulphonate: We have several sort of packing which depend
on Salt diisobutylnaphthalene sulphonate amount. Sodium diisobutylnaphthalene sulphonate packaging: 1kg/bottle, 25kg/barrel, or 200kg/ barrel. Salt diisobutylnaphthalene sulphonate shipping:
might be shipped out by sea, by air, by reveal as soon as feasible once repayment invoice.

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