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Sodium Stearate – What Is It?

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Sodium stearate is the sodium salt of stearic acid (a naturally occurring saturated fatty acid). It functions as a stabilizer, binder, emulsifier and anticaking agent in food. It is also used as an additive in soaps and cosmetics. Typically, it is made from animal or vegetable sources. It can be obtained from the saponification of oils and fats or from the precipitation of stearic acid in the presence of sodium hydroxide.

It can be found in most household cleaning products and personal care items. It is a major constituent of soaps produced by the saponification of oils and fats, it acts as an emulsifier in skin or hair products, gives deodorants their white creamy foam, and helps solidify mixtures of soap, cosmetics, lotions, and other body care products into a stick form. It is also a common ingredient in latex paints, rubbers and some food additives and flavorings.

In addition to its lubricating and stabilizing properties, it has been shown to have anti-inflammatory effects and protect the skin from moisture loss. Generally, it is considered safe for use in most cosmetics and soaps by the FDA.

We offer both tallow- and vegetable-based forms of this product to meet the varied needs of our customers. The tallow-based version contains no beef byproducts, while the vegetable-based version is 100% GMO-free. Both are available in a fine, flake or semi-solid form that is easy to handle and melts easily at room temperature.