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Structural properties and applications of titanium nitride

However, nitrogen has a very chemically stable nature. It can, however, form nitrides that contain many elements when given certain conditions. This is where the research on transition metals nitride and titanium nitride has focused. High electrical conductivity, superconductivity, and attractive color of titanium nitride are some characteristics. It’s also suitable for high-temperature materials such as superconducting or structural materials.
1. Property and structure of titanium-nitride
TiN has the typical NaCl structure. TiN belongs to a facecentered cubic. A face-centered cubic is composed of nitrogen and titanium atoms. TiN is a nonstoichiometric chemical. The stable composition range of TiN0.6-TiN1.16 is it. Without affecting the structure of TiN, it is possible to change the content of nitrogen in a particular range. The colour of tiN powder can vary from yellowish-brown to black in ultrafine TiN, golden yellow for TiN crystal. The lattice value of TiN (a) is 4.23 Nm. The TiC’s mesh constant is 4.2338 nm. TiO’s Lattice Constant is 4.15 nm. Since the lattice properties of the three substances are quite similar, it is possible to replace the TiC atom with carbon atoms. In order to find a solution, any combination of oxygen and carbon can be used. The chemical and physical properties of titanium Nitride are affected by how much nitrogen there is. Reduced nitrogen levels will cause titaniu to show an increase in the lattice parameters. The hardness and microscopic properties will increase. However, it will reduce the resistance to shock of titanium.
Properties of titanium nitride. The melting point at 3205.8 is 255.76 (3205.8), and the linear expansion coefficient at 5.712 (1 / K). (25). Density: 5.435 5.477g/cm3, thermal conductivity 22.081 (W.m.-1 K-1) (30 2000), Mohs toughness is 8. Generally, the color for titanium dioxide powder is yellowishbrown. An abundance of titanium nitride aggregates has a golden metallic luster. Titonium nitride’s chemical properties are stable. They don’t react well with acidic water, such as sulfuric acid or hydrochloric acid. However, they can be mixed into hydrofluoric. Hydrofluoric is a strong alkaline solution that contains an oxidizing acid. Titanium Nitride can then be completely dispersed in hydrogen Fluoric. In a strong alkaline solution, titanium nitride will dissolve and be released as ammonia.
2. This application of titanium-nitride offers excellent physical and chemical characteristics. It has a high melting point and good chemical stability. Also, it is very useful in many fields, such as the metal ceramics field and in gold decoration. Industry is seeing an increase in demand for titanium oxide powder. Use titanium nitride powder as a coating. This is more cost-effective than using a vacuum coat. You have many options for using titanium nitride.
It can be used in these areas:
(1) titanium nitride exhibits high biocompatibility. It can be used as an aid in clinical medicine, stomatology and other medical procedures.
(2) Titrium nitride can be used for high-temperature lubricants and has a low friction factor.
(3) Silicon nitride possesses a metallic luster. This material can be used as a simulated-gold decoration material and has promising application prospects.
4) This tool is hardier than ordinary carbide and has a higher wear resistance. It can even be used to create new tools. This brand new tool has significantly increased durability and life span than other carbide tools.
TiC-Mo-Ni, a novel multifunctional ceramic materials. TiC-Mo–Ni series ceramics have been enhanced with titanium nitride. The hard phase grains can then be significantly refined, allowing for excellent performance at either room temperature or high-temperature. It has made ceramics more resistant to high temperatures and less oxidative. You will get a ceramic material that contains nano-titanium nutride. This material can also be used for semiconductor components.
Addition of TiN to magnesia/carbon bricks will significantly increase the block’s resistance against slag.
(7) Titanium nitrideis excellent for structural materials, such as those used in steam-jet rockets or thrusters. Titanium nitride is also useful in seal rings and bearings.
This is possible because of the remarkable conductivity and useability of silicon nitride. It can also be used as a point contact material or electrode.
(9) Titanium Nitridehas a high critical temperature for superconducting and can be used in an excellent, superconducting substance.
(10) TITANITE has an extremely high melting point and a low density. This is what makes it unique as a refractory materials.
(11) Titium nitride can also be applied to glass via a coating. This can increase the thermal insulation of glass by enhancing the infrared reflectedance. Altering the percent of nitrogen in titanium-nitride may also change the color of the film.
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