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Synthesis And Application of Nickel Oxide

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What is nickel oxide, exactly?

Nickeloxide Is a cubic greenish-black crystal. When heated to 400 degrees it absorbs oxygen from air and becomes nickel trioxide. At 600, it was reduced into nickel oxide. The nickel oxide obtained from calcining at 1,000 is yellow and green.

Synthesis and use of nickel oxide

Many methods are used to synthesize nickel oxide. They include the solid method, the homogeneous precipitation method, and the sol-gel method. At present however, industry uses the liquid phase wet chemical precipitates (calcination) method.

Application of nickel oxide

In ceramics, nitrous oxide is used as both a colorant for enamels as well as as a densifier in the manufacture of enamels. It also serves as a raw material in nickel-zincferrite production. It is also used as a colorant in tawny and picture tube glasses cases in the glass industry.

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