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The Applications of Bismuth Oxide

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Bismuth Olide Pulver


Bi2O3 Bismuth Oxide is the most commonly used bismuth compound. This is a functional material with exceptional oxygen and dielectric fluidity.
There are two kinds of pure bismuthtrioxide. The yellow monoclinic quartz, type a, has an 8.9 relative mass and a melting point at 825 degrees Celsius. Although insoluble, it can be easily dissolved by addition of alkali. Cubic crystal with bright yellow and orange colors. The relative density is 8.55. The melting temperature is 860degC. Not soluble in acids. However, it is easily dissolvable in water. Hydrocarbons or hydrogen can be added to metallic bismuth.

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Bismuth Oxide powder

Bismuth dioxide is an important additive for electronic ceramic material. It should have at minimum 99.15% purity. There are three main areas of application: ceramic capability, zinc oxide varistor, and ferrite magnet material.

Bismuthsubcarbonate may be produced from water-soluble, atmospheric CO2. The alkaline oxygen in it makes bismuth oxide react well to carbon dioxide. Si(IV), another acidic compound, or a combination thereof is added to bismuthoxide forms, it will not react well with carbon dioxide. Bismuth III consists of the combination bromine and sodium hydroxide.

Bismuth Oxide Property
Other Titles Bismuth Trioxide Powder (Bi2O3)
Substitution Formula Bi2O3
Motility 465.96
Appearance Yellow powder
Melting Point 817 degC
Boiling Point 1890 degC
Density 8.9 g/cm3
Solubility N/A
Exact 465.945541
Bismuth Oxide Bi2O3 powder CAS 1304-76-3

Bismuth Oxide powder can be used

Useful for making bismuth sodium salt. Useful in making electronic ceramic materials such as photoelectric, electrolyte and high-temperature supraconducting materials. It is also used as a catalyst. To be suitable for electronic ceramics powder materials that contain bismuth dioxide, the purity must not exceed 99.15%. These are some of the primary uses of zinc oxide varistors. Also available for glaze rubber compounding, which can be used to compound medicine and red glass compounds agents.

You can use this in electronic, glass and chemicals, plastic glazes, as well ceramic glazes and other industries, such as metals and magnet materials magnetic high-temperature supraconducting matter, catalysts, photoelectrical material and metallic powder.

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Bismuth Oxide powder

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