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The Applications of Magnesium Nitride Powder

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Magnesium Nitride Pulver


It’s an organic compound composed of nitrogen and magnesia. At room temperature and under pressure, it turns yellowish green. Magnesium nitride is an organic compound that’s composed of magnesium and nitrogen. It has a molecular structure Mg3N2 having a Molecular Weight 100.94944. It belongs to the group of cubic-crystalline. Magnesium nitride shares many characteristics with other metals. It reacts well with ammonia or water. You can also burn it in nitrogen to create magnesium nitride. A catalyst may be needed occasionally.

Magnesium oxide Mg3N2/ powder CSC 12057

Which applications does Magnesium Nitride Pulver have?

The material is transparent and exhibits quantum effects. The material is versatile and well-positioned to develop in the future. This material is essential for 21st-century technology. Nano-magnesium oxide is widely used in electronics,catalysis,ceramics, petroleum products,coatings and other fields. You can use them for many purposes. They are used as flame retardants in the chemical fiber and plastic industries;high-temperature dehydrating agents for the production of silicon steel plates,advanced ceramic materials,electronic industry materials,and adhesives and additives in chemical raw materials; high-frequency magnetic rod antennas in the radio industry, Fillers for magnetic equipment, fillers for insulating materials and various carriers; refractory fibers and refractory materials, magnesia chrome bricks,fillers for heat-resistant coatings, high-temperature insulation meters, electrical, cables, optical materials and steelmaking; electrical insulation materials, Manufacturing crucibles, furnaces, insulated pipes(tubular elements), electrode rods, electrode plates.

The increasing use of flame retardant textiles makes synthetic flame repelants a good choice. You can make heat insulation, sound insulation and light weight insulation with nano-magnesium. It is commonly combined with shavings and wood chips. The nontoxic, tasteless material is almost indistinguishable from other flame retardants that contain phosphorous and hydrogen. This material is excellent for coatings because of its anti-corrosion and great cleaning capabilities.

Because of its outstanding electrical, thermal and mechanical properties, magnesium oxide has been extensively employed in the area of semiconductor electronic packaging.

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