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The Applications of Stannic Sulfide Powder

Stannic sulfuride powder

Stannic Sulfide

SnS2 refers to an inorganic compound. This flake is a yellow hexagonal flake that contains CdI2’s crystal structure. It’s almost insoluble. However, it can be easily dissolved in water and alkali solution. It is commonly used for making gold paint.

Stannic Sulfide forms from crystals of cadmium Iodide precursors. In an “octahedral porous,” which contains six sulfide centre, you can find Sn (IV). Montmorillonite, which is a very rare mineral, is an example of the rare substance. You can use this to create semiconductor materials that have a bandgap of 2.2eV.

SnS2 Tin is a name for a n type semiconductor material with a hexagonal CdI2 arrangement. Stannic Sulfide can be described as a metal-dihalide semiconductor. It is the exact same chemical and crystal structures as molybdenum dulfide. Sn can also be found in between layers with two Slayers having strong, covalent bonding. The weak van de Waals forces maintain a monolayer. The weak van der Waals forces can cause each layer to separate by either chemical or mechanical peeling.

SnS2 acts in the same manner as other semiconductors. Exfoliated, it forms an atomic layer. You can use this as an FET (fot, photovoltaics, solar cells, or sensor.

Stannic Sulfide (an alkalic sulfide), is water-soluble. For dissolution, you can combine it with ammonium sulfide.

Stannic Sulfide SnS2 CAS 1314-95-0

For what applications can Stannic Sulfide Pulver serve?

Stannic Sulfide are two-dimensional van der Waals semiconductor materials that have excellent optoelectronics. The material is non-toxic, easy to prepare and safe. Tin Sulfide has a semiconductor component that can be used to conduct laboratory research and experimentation.

Stannic Sulfide is an n-type semiconductor. It has a hexagonal CdI2 Crystal structure, with a thick band at 2.35eV. The material is excellent for photoelectricity and can be used to create holographic recordings as well as electronic conversions. You can also use it to make solar cells and anodes in lithium-book cell batteries.

SnS2 (tin-sulfide) is a powder with a band gap similar to silicon. SnS2 is safe for the environment and can also be used as an absorber layer in solar cells. These properties have made this product a favorite among both local and international professionals. It can also be used for imitation gold plating. You can use it to paint or for other purposes.

Stannic Sulfide can be made single-crystals by mechanical or liquid stripping.

Stannic Sulfide, a powder which can be used in liquid chemical peeling to create SnS2 Nanosheets. You should have as little thin film as you can.

Stannic Sulfide is highly sensitive and has high surface activity. For light emitters, field effect transistors (FET), photodetectors, gas sensors, and more, thin exfoliated SnS2 films made of bulk crystals, powder, and other materials can be used. They include Thermoelectric and other fields.

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