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The Applications of Titanium Boride

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Titanium Boride


The powder is hexagonal in crystal form and comes in either black or gray titanium boride. It melts at 2980degC, and it is exceptionally hard. It has an air anti-oxidation temperature at 1000degC. Titanium dioxide is stable in HCl. It is used to create composite ceramic products. It’s corrosion-resistant and can be used in the production of molten molecular crubles, as well as electrodes for electrolytic cells.

Titanium Boride is the most important attribute

TiB, titanium Boride


It is one of the strongest and most long-lasting boron compounds. It contains valence bonds, and it is in the C32 structural configuration. It is hexagonal metallicloid. These structural parameters are: a= 0.3028; C= 0.3228; nm. Each of the titanium and boron crystals form an alternately 2-dimensional network structure in which B, three additional Bs and covalent bonds can be used to join them. An extra electron is added to form a stronger p bond. The high conductivity of this graphite-like Ti layer is due to its Ti outer electrons which are all Ti.


The TiB bonds that link the titanium atomic layers to boron make this material hard and durable.

Titanium Boride Properties
Related Titles TiB2, TiB2 powder, titanium boride powder
Common Formula TiB2
Motility 69.489
Appearance Gray Powder
Melting Point 2980 degC
Boiling Point N/A
Density 4.52 g/cm3
Solubility HTML2O N/A
Thermal Expansion code 8.1×10-6m/m.k
Electro Conductivity 25J/m.s.k
Electrical Resistance
Exact 69.96656 Da
Titanium Diboride. CAS 12045-63-5

Titanium Boride Applications

1. Conductive ceramic material. Conductive ceramic material is one major ingredient in vacuum coating.

2. Ceramic tools can be used for cutting and moulding ceramic materials. Final tools can be made using ceramic materials, such as wire drawing, sealing, or extrusion.

3. Composite ceramic materials It can also be used for composite parts made with TiC. TiN. SiC. You can make high temperature pieces as well functional parts such as engines or high temperatures centres. This can also be used to protect your armor.

4. Cathode for aluminum electrolytics cells. High molten Iron TiB2 makes a great cathode material to an aluminum electrolytic cell. It will also reduce the energy consumed and prolong your cell’s life.

5. PTC clay can be made from this material. PTC clay material is flexible, safe and energy-saving. It’s easy to make and mold. This material can be used to substitute different electric heating materials by a high-tech, modern product.

6. Al, Fe, and Cu can be strongened by strengthening agent

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