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The Chemical Formula For Beryllium Phosphide

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The chemical formula for beryllium phosphide is Be3P2. It is an inorganic compound and it belongs to the family of metal phosphides. The crystal structure is a fcc Bravais lattice. It is produced by reacting red phosphorus with beryllium metal in an inert atmosphere at 750 degC. Beryllium phosphide is used in the manufacture of semiconductor devices. It is also employed as a reflector or moderator in nuclear reactions and in x-ray equipment. The compound is used in gyroscopes and some computer parts.

Pure beryllium is a hard, silvery metal with good thermal and electrical conductivity. It is also a very strong and brittle material. It is toxic if swallowed and it can cause lung damage if inhaled. It can be irritating to skin and eyes if exposed for extended periods of time. Beryllium is a probable human carcinogen. It is only found in nature in trace amounts and can be found in mineral rocks, soil, coal, oil, volcanic dust, and some hazardous waste sites. It is also present in air emissions from fossil fuels such as coal and natural gas fired power stations and in tobacco smoke.

Beryllium and its compounds are highly toxic to aquatic organisms. It is known to cause death in fish and a decrease in growth rate in some freshwater and marine plants. Short-term exposure can affect the appearance and behaviour of birds and mammals. Chronic effects may include a shortened lifespan in birds and land animals and reproductive problems in mammals.