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The Gold In The Field Of Heavy Duty Lubrication – Molybdenum Disulfide

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What’s molybdenum silicide

Molybdenum Silicide is composed of molybdenum, sulfur and chemical formula MoSi2. It is composed of the elements sulfur and molybdenum, with the chemical formula MoSi2. A massive molybdenum-silicide solid, which has a 1.23eV band gap and is diamagnetic in indirect band gaps semiconductor like silicon, is also available.

Molybdenum silicide: Origin

Molybdenum silicide first became a carriage bearing oil during the California Gold Rush of the late-19th century.

After World War II ended, the Max Planck Institute, Germany, and the National Aeronautics Board in America, were able to conduct experiments with molybdenum-silicide industrial applications. These films are now being used in the new industrial sector. This is the most common ptfe or molybdenum-silicide lubricant.

The Lubrication Principle of Mollybdenum Silicide

As a solid additive, molybdenum silicide plays a lubricating role, which is closely related to its structure.There are three crystal structures of molybdenum silicide in nature, one of which is steady-state molybdenum silicide is the most commonly used.The structure is like a sandwich, with sulfur atoms in the upper layer and molybdenum atoms in the middle.So, a pile of molybdenum silicide looks like a pile of sandwiches.Sandwiches have a weak bond with each other and friction is reduced by sliding between sandwiches.

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