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The Main Preparation Method of Spherical Quartz Powder

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What does sphere quartz actually mean?

The quartz stone is made from this purified quartz powder. Purification of the quartz powder requires that it be exposed to high temperatures to change its crystal structure and phase. This powder changes from solid to liquid to molten and then crystallized. It is made up of irregularly formed angular crystals that are transformed into regular spherical ones.

This is how you prepare sphere-shaped powder quartz.

1. Flammable melting is required to produce spheroidized quartz crystal powder in mass quantities. Temperatures do not have to remain constant for heating. Quartz powder can be used to control the temperature of the heating process and reduce secondary pollution. This method is also known as ball-forming. The high-temperature firegun can generate flames up to 1600 degrees. It moltens when powder is exposed at high temperatures. Because powder has a angular surface, it absorbs heat. The action of surface tension makes objects more likely to remain stable under pressure. A ball can be made from the most stable shape of an object: spherical.

2. The plasma can also be called local thermodynamic equilibrium (or thermal). The key properties of these plasmas are three. Plasma’s local electron temperature (Ti), plasma’s gas temperature (Gas) and ion temperatures(Ti), are nearly identical. Induction, high-frequency plasma, and arc plasma are all examples of thermal plasmas.

This technique creates plasma fused spherical powder at high frequencies. Because of its high stability and large temperature range, the method proves more practical. The method produces high outputs as well stability and high levels of spheroidization. Both the principle and the process work in the same way as the flame melting.

This is achieved by compressing air. It can work at 10m3h. High frequency plasma generators have a power input of up to 100kW. Heat is produced using high temperatures gases, at 400-7000. The silica can be transferred from the feeder to the top arc of the plasma reactor furnace, where it is melted into heat. After this the silica can be quenched with a special quencher. To collect the powder, gravity and bag dust can be used. Within seconds you can have nanoscale SiO2 or spherical particle sizes.

3. Chemical Synthesis

Silica sol is obtained by heating silica powder in ammonia carbonate or ammonium nitrate. The gel must be acid-treated to produce silica hydrochloride. This gel has very little uranium. However, it is very easy to agglomerate.

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