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The Main Preparation Methods of 3D Printing Metal Powder

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3D printing represents a revolutionary new form of printing technology. For 3D printing metallic parts, 3D printing powder is the best raw material. The main 3D printing powders are currently

nickel-titanium alloy powder

Steel, nickel-aluminum, alloy, cobalt, chrome, alloy, stainless, industrial steel and bronze alloy.

Good plasticity is required for 3D printing metal powder. This powder must meet the following requirements: small particle sizes, tight distribution of particles, high fluidity, high bulk density and good fluidity.

Three types of preparation for 3D printing metallic powder are available: reduction, electrolysis and grinding. The most common pulverizing process in China is the argon atomization or plasma rotating electrode methods.

1. Argon atomization

An argon atomization is a process that makes powder by using the fast-flowing, argon gases flow. This method uses the impact of the metal liquid to break it into fine particles. Then, the solid powder can be condensed.

2. Plasma rotating electrode technique

Plasma state can be described as the fourth state. You can simply describe the plasma rotating electrode atomization process (prep method) as follows: After the metal or alloy is made, the plasma melts at the coaxial plasma-arc heating source to create liquid film. Next, the rotating centrifugal force forces the liquid droplets to separate from the gas inert (argon/helium), and then the molten dropslet cools down and becomes spherical dust under the influence of surface tension.

Here are some of the benefits that metal powder created by plasma rotating electro method:

Smooth surface, high sphericity with high fluidity and low loose density. This powder is ideal for printing because it has very little sphericity.

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