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The Physicochemical Properties and Synthesis Method of Inorganic Compound Bismuth Oxide

Bismuth trioxide: What are its benefits?

A type of pure bismuth triooxide ( bismuth oxide ) is a type. The yellow monoclinic crystals of a type are those with relative density 8.9, melting points 825, which can dissolve in acid and water. The b type is bright yellow to orange, tetragonal system crystals, relative density 8.55 and melting point 860 respectively, insoluble but soluble in acids. It can be easily reduced to metallic Bismuth using hydrogen and hydrocarbons. A special material, d-2O3, is made with cubic fluorite minerals. The crystal structure of d-Bi2O3 has 1/4 vacant oxygen ion location, which makes it very strong in oxygen ion conductivity. Electronic ceramic powder materials and electrolyte, photoelectric, and catalysts are the main applications of bismuth dioxide. A purity of at least 99.15% is required for bismuth dioxide as an essential additive to electronic ceramic powder materials. Principal applications are ceramic capacitors and zinc oxide varistors.

Bismuth Trioxide: Chemical and Physical Properties

It is a yellow powder or monoclinic crystalline, stable in the atmosphere, and odorless. It has a density of 8.9 at 25/4degC. Under normal pressure, its boiling point is 1890degC. While the flash point for bismuth trioxide is roughly 1890degC. It is insoluble in hydrochloric or nitric acid but soluble in water. When heated, the color changes to maroon and then it turns to yellow when cool.

Synthesis method of Bismuth trioxide

1. Dropwise add aqueous sodium chloride (8090) to the bismuth solution. Mix thoroughly. After precipitation, the solution will remain alkaline and precipitate as a white volume-swelling bismuth dioxide hydrate Bi(OH).3. To make yellow bismuth trioxide, heat the solution and stir it briefly. You will get the final bismuth dioxide after washing it with water, filtering it, drying and then cleaning.

2. Mix them in a nitrogen atmosphere by adding dropwise 1.5mol/L sodium chloride aqueous solution, without carbon dioxide, to a 0.1mol/L bismuth nuitrate solution. After precipitation, the solution will remain alkaline. A white volume-expanded bismuth oxid hydrate Bi(OH),3 may precipitate. It is then dehydrated to yellow bismuth trioxide by heating a solution. Decant wash fifteen times using water only, and then filter it and dry.

3. Once the bismuth has been melted in the graphitecrucible, the oxygen flow creates an arc between the graphite and metal surfaces to heat up and oxidize. You should place the crucible in a large container. The oxygen must also be supplied continuously to keep it oxygen-rich. Rapidly, b-bismuth oxide with 99.8% purity is created at a temperature of 750800. The product can then be quenched with water or placed on a cold plate to produce a high temperature phase b-type.

4. Slowly stir the excess sodium carbonate solution with Bi(NO3)3*5H2O alic solution (20g, dissolved in 2mol/L of HNO3) and continue to mix. To precipitate Bi2O2CO3, filter the solution, wash it, and then dry. It can be placed in an aluminum container and heated at 650K for approximately 1.5 hours.

5. Burn bismuth subnitrate at 400~500 to remove NO3- ions for about (3~4h): 2BiONO3=Bi2O3+NO+NO2+O2

Once the fire is out, it cools down and all turns into lemony yellow.

6. You can wash 16kg of 99.9% conductive bismuth surfaces with a little bit of dilute Nitric Acid. Next, you will need to use conductive waters to remove the surface nitric. After adding the 1:1 high-purity acid (35kg of nitric, with a relative density of 1.42 + 20L conductive), continue reacting for 10 minutes. The filtrate should be cooled slightly. After that, it must be evaporated and concentrated to a relative density of 1.9. Make a dilute solution of the bismuth nitrate. Stir it briefly, and then let it sit for at least 30 minutes.

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