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The Properties And Application of Spherical Alumina

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What Is Spherical Alumina ()?

Spherical Alumina It is, therefore, a type of alumina that has a spherical particle shape. The crystal phase is a-alumina.

Why should we emphasize the “sphere shape”? The reason is that the area of application for alumina is too large, and performance in various fields of application is directly tied to the size and morphology of raw powder particles. Spherical powders have the best performance among all types of powder particles. Spherical particles can offer better application results due to their regular morphology and smaller specific surface area.

Spherical aluminum is one of the finer chemical products in the alumina family. It is capable of compress molding and sintering ceramics with outstanding quality. The regular morphology is also good for grinding and polishing materials. In the petroleum industry it can be used to catalyze superfine, spherical, and aluminum powder. This can decrease wear and prolong the product’s service life, thus reducing manufacturing costs.

Spherical Alumina is used in

1. As a ceramic material
Spherical Alumina This is a very important property for high-quality ceramic products.

2. It is used as a grinding or polishing material
You can avoid scratches using spherical-alumina polishing abrasive.

3. It is used in the petrochemical sector
Higher requirements for the pore size distribution in the alumina carrier are being made by the petrochemical sector. You can adjust the configuration of the particles to alter the size distribution and size of the spherical Alumina Powder.

4. To act as catalyst
Directly using spherical aluminum as a catalyst may reduce abrasion, increase service life and lower production costs.

5. For surface protective coating
Spherical powder particles of sphered oxygen are spray-sprayed onto metals, plastics, and other materials. This can significantly improve the surface hardness and corrosion resistance as well as wear resistance and fire resistance. They are also used to protect machinery and tools.

6. Materials that are luminescent
Alumina powder spheres have a very high bulk density. This can help reduce scattering from the luminous bodies, reduce lost light and improve light transmission.

7. This is the electronic industry.
Because of the outstanding characteristics of spherical aluminum in terms of electrical, thermal, mechanical properties it is extensively used in the area of semiconductor electronic packaging.

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