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The properties and applications of Iron Oxide Fe3O4

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What is Iron oxide Fe3O4 and how does it work? Fe3O4 Fe3O4 an organic form has the chemical formula Fe3O4, but is blackened with a magnet. Sometimes called magnet iron dioxide. Although the compound is classified as iron oxide/ironoxide (FeO2)2, mixed iron oxide FeO3 or ironoxide Fe2O3, it can still be considered FeO *Fe2O3. The compound is insoluble in alkali, water and ether. Acid solutions are not compatible with iron oxide (Fe3O4) as it is found in nature. Iron Oxide Fe3O4 is easily transformed into iron oxide when it’s humid. It can be used in paints, polishes, and audiotapes.
What’s Iron Oxide, or Fe3O4, made of? Schikorr reacts to produce iron oxide Fe3O4. This reaction results in the formation of iron oxide (II, III)2. Anaerobic conditions allow ferrous oxide to (FeOH),2) react with water and create magnetite. Schikorr describes the reaction in Schikorr’s Reaction.

3Fe(OH)2-Fe3O4 + H2 + 2H2O

How do you distinguish Fe2O3 from Fe3O4 in?

Fe2O3 differs from Fe3O4. Fe2O3 is Fe2+ only oxidation-rich; Fe3O4 contains both Fe2+ plus Fe3+.

How is Iron Oxide, Fe3O4, able to get its properties?

Curietemperature is 858K for Fe3O4 Iron Magnet. There are many explanations for this phenomenon. All of these theories don’t seem to be working.

Fe3O4’s electric resistivity of 0.3 mO.m. makes it less resistive than iron (96.1% O.m.). Fe2O3’s average resistance is about 0.5 mO.m. Fe2O3 is lower than Fe3O4. This could be due to electron exchange at the FeII/FeIII center of Fe3O4.


Iron Oxide Fe3O4 may also be known as magnetite and iron oxide black. It is used extensively in many locations.

Black pigments may also be used. Iron oxide II or III are sometimes called Mars Black.

It serves as a catalyst to the Haber Process.

It is also used in water-gas shifting reactions.

The MRI scanners are able to utilize nanoparticles made of Fe3O4 for contrasts.

The steel is protected from corrosion

It is also an ingredient in thermite that is used to produce steel.

It can produce magnetic recording materials as well as special coatings. You can even make high-quality magnet separators.

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