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The Property And Application of Tungsten Oxide WO3 Powder

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Which tungsten oxide property is it?

Tungsten oxide

It is a light yellow trilinic powder-crystal. The chemical formula for this is WO3. If the temperature exceeds 740degC, the tungsten oxide becomes orange tetragonal crystallines. After cooling, they return to their original state. Tungsten oxide powder can be stable in air. It has an average melting point of 1473°C, a boiling temperature higher than 1750°C, and a relative density of 7.16.

Inorganic acids and water are insoluble in tungsten oxide. To make soluble tungstate from WO3 powder, you can dissolve it in ammonia and hot concentrated sodium hydroxide. If the temperature exceeds 650 degrees, it can be reduced with H2 and reduced further by C. To obtain tungsten-powder at 1000-1100 degrees Celsius

What does tungsten dioxide application mean?

Everyday life has many uses for tungsten oxide. This is used for making tungstate, as well as in industrial Xray screen phosphors. Its rich yellow pigments make tungsten oxide a popular choice for paints, ceramics, and other applications.

The production of electrochromic and smart windows has used tungsten oxide. These windows have the glass of an electric switch. They also show the light transmission and voltage changes. It allows you to tint your windows with changes in heat or light. High-density explosives made of inert metals are another option. This is especially true in the conflict between Israel (2008) and Gaza 2009 (2008-2009).

Some tungsten dioxide is used for chemical products like paints and coatings or petroleum industry catalysts. But tungsten is an intermediate product. Large amounts of tungstenoxide are used in metal-tungsten powder and in tungsten carbide powder. These products can then be used to make metal tungsten.

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