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The Property And Preparation of Manganese Oxide Mn2O3 Powder

Property of Manganese Oxide

Its chemical formula is

manganese oxide

The molecular weight of this metal is Mn2O3 at 157.88. It’s a cubic black crystal of relative density 4.50. It’s insoluble in water and ammonium chloride solutions. However, it is soluble with other organic acids.

In cold hydrochloric Acid, manganese oxide forms a brown solution. This solution is then transformed into a red solution by hot dilute sulfuric and concentrated sulfuric acids. Manganese nitrate and MnO2 are decomposed in hot acid and hot nitric acids. The heat releases oxygen and Mn3O4 becomes molybdenum. You can find it in two forms, a-Mn2O3 (or g-Mn2O3).

Methods for Preparing Manganese Oxide

The preparation of a-Mn2O3

You can further reduce or alter a-Mn2O3 by using manganese oxide or heat divalent manganese salt at 600-800degC. It is possible to heat pure b-MnO2 or manganese nuitrate hexahydrate in the air at 650°C for a steady weight. If manganese oxide hexahydrate (a raw material) is being used, it must be first heated to 190C before it can solidify, and then crushed to be heat to 650C.

Prepare g-Mn2O3

To make gMnO(OH), 350mL were of a solution with 2.2g of manganese-sulfate trihydrate. 34 mL 3% hydrogen peroxide was added dropwise to the solution. Then 50 mL 0.2 mol*dm-3 ismonia was added. By heating, the thickening suspension emitting oxygen in dark brown to black color is rapidly boiled. The solid is boiled for approximately 4 minutes. Once it has cooled, rinse the water with 1.5L boiling water and dry in a vacuum dehydrator with phosphorus pentoxide. For gMn2O3, the g-MnO (OH) was meticulously dried for 3 days at 250°C. You can also heat gMnO2 at 500°C for 78hrs under reduced pressure.

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