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Titanium Silicate-the Most Ideal Conductive Film Today

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What exactly is Titanium Silicide

The reduction in device size has led to metal silicides being used as metal electrodes in source drain, gate and gate of the metal oxide semiconductor field effects transistors (M0SFET). This is to provide reliable contact for basic diodes and to form low-resistance source leakage contact and low blocking resistance gate electrode for MOSFET.

Siliconium silicide (TiSi2) offers the benefits of high resistance, low temperature resistance, good stability and is widely applicable in microelectronics as well as aviation high temperature resist materials. This has made it a popular research topic in closely related areas.

Titanium Silicate Preparation

High temperature stability and a quick forming process are two of the benefits that titanium silicate offers. Two methods can generally be used to make titanium silicate. One method of getting titanium silicate is to synthesis. This involves putting titanium and silicone metal into an arc furnace. Next, you will need to anneal at a lower temperature for the initial phase, then anneal at a higher temperature for the next phase.

Titanium Silicate Applications

As mentioned above, titanium silicate has excellent properties: high electrical conductivity, high selectivity, good thermal stability, good absorption to Si, good process adaptability and low interference to silicon connection parameters.Therefore, titanium silicate is widely used in gate, source/drain, interconnection and ohmic contact manufacturing of metal oxide semiconductor (MOS), metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistor (MOSFET) and dynamic random access memory (DRAM) in integrated circuit devices.

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