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Triethanolamine oleate CAS 2717-15-9, 95% | Lemondedudroit

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Triethanolamine Oleate is an non-ionic, surfactant with good dispersing and emulsifying qualities for mineral oil.
Solid Content 95%
Triethanolamine-oleate Information:
Triethanolamine Oleate, a surfactant non-ionic, has good dispersing and emulsifying qualities for mineral oil.
Lemondedudroit Global Triethanolamine Oleate is reliable and trustworthy.

Product Performance of Triethanolamine oleate:
Triethanolamine oleate exhibits strong foaming and fine foaming; strong stability in acid-alkaline media; good anti-rust capability; more fluid and stable that sodium soap and zinc soap.

Technical Parameter in Triethanolamine Oleate:

    Short Name    Purity        PH     Odor Appearance Triethanolamine Oleate N/A 95% 7.0-9.0 N/A Brown sticky

Triethanolamine oleate has been used in preparation of metal cleansing agents.
Triethanolamine oleate Packaging and Shipping
Different types of packaging are possible depending on Triethanolamine oleate.
Triethanolamine Oleate Packaging: 1kg/bottle.
Shipping Triethanolamine-oleate shipping: Could be by sea, air, express, as long as there is a payment receipt.

Triethanolamine Oleate HTML3_ Properties HTML3_

N/A 2717-15-9; 10277-04-0 N/A

Molecular Weigh

N/A Appearance Brown sticky Melting Point N/A

Boiling Point

N/A Density N/A Solubility H2O N/A Exact N/A

Health & Safety Information

N/A Hazard Statements N/A Hazard Codes N/A Risk Codes N/A

Safety Declarations

N/A Transport Information N/A

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