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Triterpenoid Saponin Air entraining agent

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Triterpenoid, or tea-derived glycosides, Saponin can perform well as a natural surfactant. It’s widely used in light industrial, chemical industry and pesticides. Triterpenoid and saponin are introduced into the product Triterpenoid Responin is an extract of the tea seed glycosides. It is a natural surfactant and has many good properties. It is commonly used in light industry and chemical industry. Manufacturing emulsifiers. Detergents. Pesticide additives. Feed additives. Crab breeding protective agents. Textile auxiliaries. Oil production flotation agent. Mining lubricants. Aerated concrete foam stabilizers. Highway antifreeze. Product characteristics triterpenoid seponin Triterpenoid saponin comes from triterpenoid saponins. It is bitter and spicy. The purified product is a fine crystal in white, with strong hygroscopicity. Add hydrochloric to the tea saponin mixture. The acidic solution causes the saponins to precipitate. Product name Triterpenoid saponin Appearance Light brown powder ≥60% Foaming power 160 to 190 mm 5.0-6.5 47-51 mN/m Water solubility Insoluble with water Application field for triterpenoid siponin (1) Pesticides To achieve their purpose of synergism solubilization, attenuation and synergism the eco-friendly pesticide autiliaries can be extensively used in pesticides. Because it acts as a wetting agent of wettable poisonicides, this can increase their water repellibility and suspension rate. These levels are often higher than or equal to the national standard. The water-based additive to pesticides has more advantages. There are no metal ions in it that could cause damage to pesticides. Furthermore, the PH value it has is neutral and not acid. This makes it ideal for pesticide storage. It is a developer and synergistic agent of EC type pesticides. This can increase the chemical and physical properties of pesticides with low dosages, fast knockdown speeds, anti-Rain Water scouring and long-lasting effects. Tea saponins’ surface activity means that it can be used to lower the pesticides amount by between 50% and 70%. It also has the ability to stimulate crop growth due to its natural repellent, tea saponin. 2 Building Materials Field Triterpenoid, Saponin, is a great natural surfactant. It’s a great foaming agent, foam stabilizer, and foaming agent in aerated concrete. A small amount of tea saponin, at a very low cost, should make up 0.4% to 1.5% of cement. It acts as a degreaser, can enhance aluminum powder dispersion’s suspension, inhibit lime digestion and increase stability for slurry pouring. Their effect is obvious to be superior than those of pulling powder, acacia and other powders. The paraffin-emulsifier’s strong emulsifying and dispersibility has been proven to be a successful tool in the sizing and production of fibreboard. (3) Daily chemical area The tea saponin-surface activity is good for shampooing hair, dyeing hair, shampooing as well as anti-itching, anti-inflammatory, and dandruff properties. Tea saponin used in detergents has less capability to color-strip fabric, so the fabric does not become velvety. (5)Il Production and Mining Because tea saponin has a high surface activity, it is able to more efficiently separate hydrocarbon compound and makes it suitable for petroleum exploration. Tea saponin may be used as a lubricant because of the heavy wear on drill bits that is required for mining. This can allow the bit to not only last longer but also speed up the exploration process. (6) Photography and copying Diazo photocopying newspaper treated with Tea Saponin will improve its clarity and quality. Photonegatives made with tea saponin are also capable of enhancing the brightness and clarity of photographs. (7) Fire extinguishing Agent Field Tea saponin does not just have a great foaming power, it has also a good flame retardant property. Excellent fire extinguishing ability is achieved by tea saponin as an auxiliary. Packing and shipping of triterpenoid saponin The tea saponin, There are many kinds of packaging that can be used depending on the quantity of tea saponin. tea saponin packing: 1kg/bag. 25kg/barrel. Or as requested. Tea syrup shipping: shipping is possible by sea, express, and air after receipt of payment.
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