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Tungsten Carbide Powder

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Tungsten carbide (WC) and cemented carbides containing WC as the binder phase are crucial materials for a wide range of hard, wear-resistant tools. During the production of these hard metals there are a number of critical factors that must be monitored to achieve the best possible obtainable densities and final microstructures.

tungsten carbide powder is the raw material used for sintering tungsten carbide and tungsten-based hardmetal products. It is produced by hydrogen reduction in high purity tungsten oxides. The resulting powder is characterized by a centralized particle size distribution, perfect crystal morphology and stable quality. It is typically dark gray or light gray with a uniform and consistent color.

The powder is then utilized in the sintering process to form shapes such as cutting tools, mining and construction tools, thermal spray coatings and wear parts. Tungsten Carbide is extremely hard and has a very high density, it also has excellent abrasion resistance.

It is the hardest known substance and can be found in a variety of industrial applications such as drilling, sports equipment, abrasives and jewelry. Tungsten Carbide is also very popular in men’s wedding bands due to its lustrous dark hue and superior scratch resistance.

Tungsten carbide is also available in a variety of composite forms including tungsten carbide button inserts that are used in rock drill bits such as top hammer, down hole hammers, roller cutters and raiseboring reamers. These composites offer higher performance than conventional tungsten carbide by combining the strength and abrasion resistance of tungsten carbide with the toughness of steel for longer tool life.