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Tungsten Selenide Greatly Promotes the Development of Photon Technology

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What exactly is Tungsten Selenide

Selenide tungsten(WSe2), type 2 d material graphene is made of the top layer of selenium/tungsten connection between tungstenatoms. It has high electrical conductivity, low thermal conductivity, an atomic thickness, fast electron transfers, constraint spin and many other unique properties. Tinten selenide is a versatile material that can be applied in many areas, including photoelectricity, biosensors and supercapacitors as well solar cells, lithium ion battery and chemical reactions.

Photonics Research Significance

Photonics, a science which studies photons and information carrier, has broad applications to semiconductor laser, new materials, optical communication devices, and photodetector. For the advancement of photonic technologies and photonic devices, it is important that we study and investigate the photonic generator process.

Photonic Technology: Research Results on Tungsten Selenide

Researchers discovered that the tungsten selenide was composed of many “co-oscillations”, that are sensitive and responsive to photon absorption. One of WSe2’s oscillations was chosen by the team, which was called D excitons and another pulse (1). This resulted in WSe2 being irradiated using two excitation pulses (1 & 2) and one of their frequencies (1+ 2) to An A exciton. Their sum frequency (1+2) was then changed to A Exciton with an A signal that was 20 times greater than the single resonant. SFG produces photons with a higher intensity than SHG.

These are just a few of the many benefits that advanced photonic devices have. Not only does the double resonance SFG technique provide new scientific methods for microscopic, nonlinear spectral, and optical analysis but it also allows for new nonlinear optics techniques and nonlinear optometry using two-dimensional semiconductors. These researches have the potential of bringing photonics up to a higher level, such that medical care can be provided with more advanced optical imaging equipment and less expensive diagnostic methods.

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