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Water-based Concrete Release Agent

Concrete release agents are also known by concrete isolation or release lubricant. The concrete release agent is an oily substance that has been applied on to the formwork’s innewall for isolation and lubrication. It allows concrete to be easily removed from the formswork.
Water-based concrete release agent
Concrete release agent TRARA is sometimes called concrete isolate agent or releaselubricant. It’s a form of material applied on the innwall of the frame to lubricate and isolate concrete. This product is ideal for use with steel, aluminum, resin, ABS plastic moulds, woods, and any other concrete formwork material.

Technical Parameter – Water-based Concrete Releasing Agent :

Appearance  Liquid Density(g/cm3) 0.95-0.97 8.0-9.0


Product has no stratification corrosivity No corrosion on the template Film formation time 30-60 minute (subjected to full drying of the surface painted)

Dosage (per kilogramm of stock solutions)

100-150 m2/kg

Product features of Water Abased Concrete Release Agency
1.Aqueous-polymer composite concentrate material through the use of a unique milling formula and processing of eco-friendly products.
2. Great isolation performance. Easy disassembly.
3. Place the mold in a quick fashion, water resistance and protection.
4.Keep concrete surfaces clean, smooth, free from pollution
5.Protect the mold to prolong its useful life.

Precautions Hydraulic Concrete Release Agent
1. It is not toxic and non-toxic.
2. Get rid of any that get in the eyes.
3. It is important to consult a physician immediately if there are any allergic reactions in any area of your body.

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