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What are the commonly used materials for 3D printing?

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Science technology has made a significant impact on our daily lives. The complex topic of 3D printing materials is a complicated one. Many people are passionate about the subject. FDM 3D Printing Materials FDM 3D Printing Materials uses stable, strong thermoplastics that are similar to ones used in traditional manufacturing techniques such as injection molding or CNC machine. FDM plastics have special properties such as being strong, flexible and resistant to environmental conditions.
PolyJet 3D Printing Materials
PolyJet 3D Printers make use of a photosensitive compound that imitates different material properties. Choose from translucent, rubbery or heat-resistant options. Digital Materials can be used to create more combinations of materials by mixing various base resins. Many different combinations of materials are possible. For greater product compatibility and full-color capabilities, combine several base resins.

SAF 3D Printing Materials
SAF technology utilizes an infrared sensor high absorbent liquid (HAF), which mixes powdered polymers to form fine layers. This allows for the parts to grow layer by layer. Big Wave employs its own technology to distribute powder evenly across the printer’s surface. This is achieved by using a special pizoelectric head that jets liquid at each spot. After drying the paper with infrared radiation it is fused together by the HAF. This continues until paper is printed.

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