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A nanometer describes a measurement that is not visible with an optical microscope. The hydrogen atom in chemical substances has an approximate diameter of 0.01 nm. For metal elements it is between 0.0.3 and 0.0.4 nm.
Nano Copper Powder Introduction:
Copper Copper means that copper materials at least have one dimension in a three-dimensional space.
The aspect suggests that we could divide the primary categories of nanomaterials into three different types. (I-zero dimension) means that three-dimensional spatial dimensions exist only at the nanoscale. ;
(II] One aspect. That is, there are two dimensions within space. ;
(III, two aspect) This is the definition of one dimension in the nanoscale. Processing natural materials to extremely fine nanoscales will create a special effect, volume and quantum effect. As a result, the optical, thermal electrical, magnetic, mechanical and chemical properties of these materials will dramatically change.
Therefore, recent research at home and overseas on the properties and applications of nanomaterials is a common concern.
Nano Copper Powder Use:
2.1 Conductive powder: A 100-nanometer, copper-colored copper powder is made by this process. Copper electronic paste can be made from the copper 100 nanometers thick, with electrodes as thin as 0.6 microns. The copper can be used in MLCC to reduce their size, make them smaller, optimize microelectronics, substitute precious metal electronic paste like silver, and also greatly lower costs.
2.2 High-efficiency catalyst: Copper and its alloy Nanopowder serve as catalysts of high efficiency and selectivity that can be used in reaction processes such as carbon dioxide, hydrogen, or methanol.
It is also used to create drug addition materials (weight ratio: 0.2-0.4%). The nano copper powder has the ability to reduce MDA and improve the damage to the liver from oxygen-free radicals.
Researchers have used anti-aging treatments, such as cerebral ischemia or cerebral thrombosis sequelae. They found the effects to be accurate, simple and safe. The treatment of cancer is a growing field that attracts more professors and experts. You can use nano copper powder to treat osteoporosis.
Copper alloy strengthening with 2.4 Nano copper powder can increase the strength and durability of the alloy as well the softening and conductivity.
2.5 Inkconductive filler: A 100-nanometer, copper powder is produced with this method. It has both the unique field emission and quantum tunneling effects of nanomaterials. To reduce the costs, high conductive ink uses the silver powder instead of the high cost filler.

Electroconductive coatings of non-metal or metal surfaces: Nickel, copper, and nano aluminum powders possess highly activated surface properties that allow them to be coated at temperatures less than their melting point. This technology could be applied to the manufacturing of microelectronics.
2.6 Roh materials for bulk metallic nanomaterials. Bulk copper-metal nanocomposites were created by powder metal sintering, under inertgas protection.
2.7 metal nano lubricating agent: Add 0.1 0.6% lubricating grease to form selflubrication. The friction pair forms a self-lubricating film that is self-repairable during friction. It will significantly increase the friction pair’s anti-wearing and anti-friction performances.
2.8 Self-repairing agent for nanometals: added to the lubricating olea of metallic friction pairs. The material can self-repair the worn areas of friction.
This is why nano copper will have a smaller particle size and a higher purity if we understand the mechanism that nano copper powder forms. The practicality of nano-copper powder is possible through further research into its properties. This will also expand the application areas.

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