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What is a Solid Rhodium Ring Price?

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Rhodium is an amazing precious metal that’s used to plate the majority of white gold jewelry these days, as it makes it bright & tarnish resistant. Solid rhodium is very rare and is only mined as a byproduct of platinum mining/refining. Because of this, it’s often very volatile in price and sometimes goes up to ten times the price of gold!

If a solid rhodium ring was possible it would be very expensive and a very rare piece of jewelry. The most common use for rhodium is actually as an additive to other jewelry metals like silver or gold. It’s a beautiful metal that shines brightly and adds a rich, smooth texture to other pieces of jewelry. It’s also a great anti-tarnish metal and it protects other metals from rusting or becoming dull.

It isn’t really a viable option to make solid rhodium rings though. First, it is utterly unworkable in its pure form. Taking a hammer to it will do little more than turn it into a precious metal grenade. Even if you managed to subdue it and work with it, it’s not really malleable enough to make a ring out of.

Most people who want a rhodium ring just get one plated with it to maintain its brilliance and tarnish resistance. However, if you’re wearing your rhodium ring for everyday wear then it’s a good idea to plan on getting it re-plated at least once every year to keep it in top condition.