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What is Amorphous Boron B Powder?

It is what do you mean by it?

Boron Powder Amorphous


Although it is rare to find pure boron in nature, you can still find it in forms such as borate and proboric acid. Boron is found only in 0.1% of Earth’s crust. You can find the elemental boron as a white or black powder.

Amorphous Boron powder

This powder is inert and dark brown. This powder can be heated to 300°C to cause it to oxidize. Then, to ignite at 700°C to bring it to lighten. This boron product is excellent and can be used in many industries, including aerospace, metallurgy, and synthesis. This can also be used to initate vehicle airbags, rocket fuel ignition and deoxidizer.

Amorphous Boron Powder’s Physicochemical Properties


Boron’s bandgap is greater than silicon or germanium with an energy range from 1.50 to 1.56eV. Boron emits infrared light. Although boron is capable of conducting electricity at higher temperatures, its conductivity decreases at room temperature. Boron is the most heat-rich element. Boron weighs more than beryllium by volume. Although it can dissolve in water or nitric acid, it cannot be dissolved.

Boron trioxide film is formed in order to protect against further oxidation. At ambient temperatures, boron-trioxide films can be react with fluorine. The boron trioxide film is not affected by hydrofluoric or hydrochloric acid. Boron is not soluble in water. Boron can only be broken down in water. However, its powder form is easily dissolves in boiling sulfuric and nitric acid.

Borone amorphous

It’s also very chemically active. The explosive combination of amorphous Boron Pulp and air can be formed.

Boron Powder Amorphous:
Additional Names Boron
CAS No. 7440-42-8
Formula compound B
Molecular Weight 10.811
Appearance Dark brown
Melting Point 2079degC
Boiling Point 2550degC
Density 2.34 g/cm3
Solubility of water It is impossible to solve
The exact Mass N/A
Boron B powder Amorphous CAS 7440-42 48

Prepare Amorphous Boron Powder

Borane cracking is molten sodium electrolysis. Hydro reduction, thermal degradation, magnesium thermal decline and thermite removal are also possible.

Magnesium thermal reduction method: Mg is used as the reducing agent and B2O3 the raw material. For the production of reduction products, magnesium thermo-reduction reactions that self-spread are used. The products are reduced by hydrochloric acid leaching. You can make the ultra-fine powder of boron.

Boron powder in amorphous form:

Amorphous Boron powder

There are many benefits to this material, such as its large surface area, high fuel consumption and ease of transport. It’s widely used in many areas, such as military and aerospace aviation, as well as the manufacture of metalurgical products.

Boron powder in amorphous form

Boron’s main function in high-energy solidfuels, boron-containing functional ceramics and space technologies is this. Boron is a gassing agent in steelmaking, where it reacts at high temperatures with nitrogen and oxygen. Boron fiber, which is extremely strong, can be used to make composite materials in missiles and aircraft. It can also be used for the protection and maintenance of the atomic energy industry.

Boron powder Amorphous, Main supplier

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